Update to v1.3.6.0

The update to v1.3.6.0 was just released. It contains mainly bug fixes regarding the Dropbox upgrade protection.

Complete changelog:
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Update to v1.3.5.0

I just released the update to v1.3.5.0. This version includes a few bug fixes and especially a method to unregister the Dropbox extension dll, so there is no problem with deleting the file anymore.
Additionally, I have added a check to make sure the Dropbox versions of 1.2.* are not used.

Full changelog:
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Site launched on own domain

DropboxPortableAHK has switched it’s domain from dropportable.ho.am to nionsoftware.com/dbpahk/

With this switch came a new addition to the site: a blog, where all things related to this project will be published, including bugs, fixed bugs, new features and updates. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get notified if something new has been published.

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