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The last days I spent all of my spare time to get the new site up and running flawlessly. During the work I looked at all pages again and saw that many of them were outdated or not very nice to read. Therefore, I have rewritten a few of them. Most noticeable is the Instructions page. I have added a complete guide to set up DropboxPortableAHK, with explanations of every checkbox and every edit field you come across during the installation.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Feel free to post any comments about the site or the project in overhaul either in the comments or via the contact page.

19 thoughts on “Check out the new Instructions page

    • The Dropbox versions after 1.1.45 are not supported at the moment, because Dropbox now encrypts it’s database, so DropboxPortableAHK can’t change the folder path anymore.
      If you are concerned about security – there is no reason. 1. If anyone can access your drive, he can read you private data anyway. 2. You can enable the encryption of the database in the DropboxPortableAHK setup, so nobody can use your configuration file without the matching password.

    • Ok, I understand this now better. Not so good, that you have not explaint this while installation.
      Now I have your new Version running with 1.2.48. For that I have copied (after installation and first run) the new Dropbox.exe (from my normal Dropbox installation) to the folder in the portable Folder. And it works.

    • I doubt that this will work as expected. This behaviour is not recommended. Why do you want to use the 1.2.48 version? It didn’t change anything for Windows users except of the encrypted database.

    • In the moment it works (1 “normal” Dropbox installation and two portabel installations, (not a the same time…. 😉 ). Maybe it works because of the already changed (manipulated) database (by the portable installation with 1,1,45) is encryped by the new dropbox-version afterwards. Maybe.
      I do want (allways) the newest versions because of new features.

    • Done (log uploaded).

      The Dropbox problem was this (if I understand it right): another person can take the config file from your pc to his pc and from that moment on he can work with dropbox on _his_ pc as if he was you on your pc (upload/delete/…).

    • Thanks for your log file (why did you put a fake email in it? don’t you think I should be able to answer you?).
      You are still using 1.1.45 and you can’t change it.

      The problem you are talking about is no problem. If somebody has access to your configuration file he has also access to your other private data, so why even care about the Dropbox config? DropboxPortableAHK uses this ‘problem’ to let you use your Dropbox on every other computer.

      If you are concerned about your security, you can, as I already said above, enable the encryption of the configuration file in the DropboxPortableAHK setup. Then, you’ll have to enter your own password on each start of your DropboxPortableAHK instance to decrypt your config.

      If you don’t want to enter a password, then there is nothing I can do for you, because the encryption makes only sense if you don’t use the same password for every user (what Dropbox might do, I am not sure about this).

      BTW: I changed the nested comments to be only 3 levels deep, as it looks stupid if it’s nested even more.

  1. Hey Nick. Just wanted to drop a note of compliment and thanks. I’m glad you’ve been able to keep your great app up to date. I donated in the past and I’m glad I did.

    Great job on the design of the new site! Did you use jquery-ui for the input box overlays? (name, email, website, etc.). Looks pretty sweet.

  2. Is there a was to stop dropbox from trying to upgrade on its own? The icon keeps changing and won’t let me see whether it is finished updating or not meaning I don’t know if I can log out or not yet.

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