Beta v1.6.8.14

The next beta version has arrived: v1.6.8.14 fixes SyncAndGo on Windows 10 and brings SyncAndGo support for all currently available languages in the Dropbox client, which adds support for users who have their Dropbox set to Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian or Thai.

As alsways, please check out the user group for more information, the download link, and to report any issues:!forum/dropboxportableahk

10 thoughts on “Beta v1.6.8.14

    • You probably have a regular Dropbox installed as well.
      Currently, it is not possible to run multiple Dropbox instances at the same time, you have to start them one after another.

  1. Leider komme ich damit nicht zurecht. Im letzten Schritt (Installation Dropbox) gebe ich meine Daten, danach kringelt der Spinner neben “Anmelden” und es passiert nichts weiter, auch nach einer Stunde und länger nicht. Im log endet das ganze bei “—–start monitoring 3292—–” und “found window”.

  2. Users can have both personal and working Dropbox accounts on any computer
    If you connect the second account at the same time: a working DropBox, when you exit, the working account is deleted and only the personal account remains.
    I ask to help with this question
    Thank you.

    • You should set up two instances of DropboxPortableAHK.
      One instance will be linked to the corporate account, and the other will be linked to the personal account.

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