Update auf v1.6.3

Dieses Update verhindert Dropboxupdates auf Version 2.2.9 und 2.0.22.
Danke an Markus, der mir die benötigten Dateien zukommen lies.

11 thoughts on “Update auf v1.6.3

  1. Recently, my anti-virus software expired. So, I’m currently giving Avast a try. When I launched DropboxPortableAKH, avast halted it because it was remotely controlled. It then asked me weather to let it pass by default (sandbox); I agreed. However, now, DropboxPortableAKH is stuck running as a process-not letting me sync dropbox. I tried task manager-didn’t work. I searched the internet and it told me that it is now a “zombie” and can only be fixed/ended using a debugger.
    I’ve tried:
    Command Prompt: TASKKILL/F /T /IM DropboxPortableAKH.exe
    Sysinternals Process Explorer
    D: help

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