Update to v1.6.1

This is a bugfix release. In the previous version it was not possible to set the new custom Dropbox icons, this should work now.
Additionally, the Dropbox update prevention was updated for version 2.1.19.

9 thoughts on “Update to v1.6.1

  1. I am now getting the following message when I try to start Dropbox Portable and I’m not sure if the message (see below) is from Nion or from Dropbox. I tried to download and install Portable from scratch but came up with the same message. Love having my multiple Dropboxes running. Hope there’s a simple fix!

    “Your Dropbox version is not supported. Do you want to download a supported one?”

    • This happens if Dropbox manages to upgrade itself. You then have to redownload (and possibly set up your account again, unfortunately) the supported version.

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