Update to v1.4.1.0

A few minutes ago, I pushed a new version of DropboxPortableAHK to the server: v1.4.1.0. For most people there are no big changes, but there is now built-in support for Portuguese (thanks to dinism) and the url for the Internet connection check was changed to http://www.dropbox.com/ because some networks block the access to http://www.google.de/ (which should be .com from the beginning anyway) and the Dropbox site needs to be available for Dropbox to work properly.

By the way: I was sure I have written a post about the update to v1.4.0.0, but it seems like it is vanished completely. That’s why I append the changelog for this version as well.

The complete changelog is:
*********************************************************** (28.12.2011):
+Portuguese language (by dinism)
~url for Internet connection check from http://www.google.de/ to http://www.dropbox.com/
-additional note of new homepage after update
*********************************************************** (19.12.2011):
+Polish language (by mail4skwarka)
+Russian language (by Alexander Ermolenko)
~wait for Internet connection if DropboxPortableAHK was setup before instead of popping up the setup screen
~hide proxy password in the gui by default
#improved Dropbox update prevention
+feature to shutdown or hibernate the Computer after SyncAndGo