Update to v1.5.0.0

After a long time without updates, I uploaded the new version of DropboxPortableAHK – v1.5 – today.

There are a few changes that were made. You can’t choose whether to update Dropbox or not, because there will probably be nothing to update anymore. The option to use your previously used Dropbox configuration file during the setup was removed as well, because people were always complaining that it does not work with the new versions of Dropbox.

Furthermore, there was added a new command line parameter “-clearcache”, which allows you to empty the Dropbox cache on startup if you think that Dropbox puts too much crap into it and you want to use the storage it occupies.

This version also fixes the Dropbox update prevention and the setup ui if you have enabled the scaling options of Windows. The setup will now increase in size if it is necessary to display all the controls on your screen.


*********************************************************** (31.10.2012):
-Settings to enable Dropbox update, it is not supported
-Option to use previously used Dropbox configuration file
+clearchache parameter to empty the Dropbox cache
#Dropbox update prevention
#Setup ui on different scaling modes