Beta v1.6.8.2

I think it is time to release the current beta version to the public.

There are still a couple of issues though:

  • After using DropboxPortableAHK on a machine that has a regular Dropbox version installed, DropboxPortableAHK reindexes all the files in your Dropbox folder, which might take a while depending on the size of your Dropbox folder
  • Automatic download of needed Dropbox application files is not available in this beta, they are provided with the beta download
  • Desktop Icons and other Windows Explorer functions might be broken after the Dropbox setup. Restart your computer to restore the previous state. This is Dropbox’s fault, I hope it can be solved by moving to a later version of Dropbox in an upcoming version of DropboxPortableAHK


Please check out the user group to get access to the download and to report any issues:!forum/dropboxportableahk