Current Status and Possible Future

Wow, it has been some time since the last blog post 🙂

The latest Beta version (v1.6.8.4) was released in August 2014 and works quite well for most people. There are a few hickups here and there, but most of the time, it works fine.
DropboxPortableAHK currently supports the latest version provided by Dropbox and I am confident to keep things working for the next versions as well.
However, the update prevention system does not work anymore, because the latest Dropbox versions changed the way the update file gets downloaded, which makes it impossible for DropboxPortableAHK to block it.

In my current development version, I have thus added a new update prevention, which worked without issues for the past days. It has one issue, though.
Dropbox downloads the update file – which might take a bit depending on your connection speed (~50 MB) – and afterwards enters the update state. This means that the Dropbox tray icon just displays ‘upgrading Dropbox’ and offers no way of indicating the current synchronization status.
At least, syncing continues, so you won’t really loose important time that could be used to sync your files. After 15 minutes, the tray icon switches back to normal operation again and shows your current sync status. The update itself is completely blocked by DropboxPortableAHK, so you will stay on whatever version DropboxPortableAHK offers.

I will release a new beta version of DropboxPortableAHK with the new update prevention enabled during the next week.
If nothing breaks, I will release this beta version as new stable version in about two weeks 🙂