Beta v1.6.8.10

The latest beta brings full support for the current Dropbox version 3.16.1.
Sorry for not getting this ready until Dropbox blocked the last beta 🙁

As usual, DropboxPortableAHK will check for the latest version on startup and auto updates the setup.

Full changelog: beta (25.03.2016):
+support Dropbox 3.16.1
#improve Dropbox being closed detection
#unregistering Dropbox context menu

Please check out the user group for more information, the download link, and to report any issues:!forum/dropboxportableahk

Current Dropbox warnings / errors

Since I am getting quite a few mails every day asking about the current dropbox warnings, I want to clarify the situation.

There are currently two cases:
1. You already setup DropboxPortableAHK previously:
Dropbox starts up just fine but displays a warning that says you are using an outdated version and you must update to a newer version by the end of March to continue using Dropbox.

You don’t have to do anything here, just be patient and wait until everything works without issues again.

2. You start a fresh setup of DropboxPortableAHK:
At the end of the setup, Dropbox will not allow you to sign in to your account, because you are using an outdated version.

You are out of luck here. It currently just does not work. Please wait until I release a new version that works again.

I am working on a solution for both issues and will publish a new version when I am ready. I hope to finish it until Dropbox pulls the plug for the current version entirely, but I can’t make any promises.

Also, I’d like to remind you that DropboxPortableAHK comes free of charge and I am working on it in my spare time, which is currently very limited.
So please consider a donation. Even if it is a small one, everything helps.
A big thanks to all of you who did donate in the past, you are awesome 🙂

Update (22.03.2016): Dropbox broke all setups today. I try to have the new version ready until next week.