Latest Dropbox Incompatibility

Since the recent Dropbox versions (first observed on v72.4.136), DropboxPortableAHK is not compatible with Dropbox anymore. It looks like Dropbox changed some of the internal data structures that DropboxPortableAHK modifies to set the Dropbox path and I could not figure out a way around this, yet.

I want to use this unfortunate event to talk a bit about the future of DropboxPortableAHK. As most of you already noticed, active development stopped in 2017 and even then the changes were very infrequent and only consisted of a few bug fixes. I haven’t used DropboxPortableAHK myself for years, because I’m only using two computers that I have full control over and simply used the regular Dropbox app to sync between those. Actually, since Dropbox started to block ‘uncommon’ (in their view) file systems (like btrfs) without good reasons, I don’t use the official Dropbox application anymore at all and mostly work on one machine now.

As far as other users of DropboxPortableAHK go: I don’t really have much statistics for that. The only stats I have are the download statistics on the website and from the auto-update. As one would expect, those are also declining since months. As I don’t use the software anymore and the users seem to lose interest as well, I’m wondering if it’s worth it to continue working on DropboxPortableAHK. I just don’t have as much time as I did years ago when I started DropboxPortableAHK in school.

I know there are some passionate users left out there, and some of them even donated to this project. I’m really sorry that I could not provide a quick update for this issue, yet. I will try to find a solution to make the current Dropbox versions compatible again, but don’t expect something in the next days, it might very well take a few weeks.

If you still use DropboxPortableAHK, it would be great if you leave a comment to describe why and how you use it. It always motivates me when I read how my software helps people in their day-to-day life 🙂

EDIT: Good news everyone! I finally figured out a way to make DropboxPortableAHK work again with the latest version of Dropbox. There are a few issues left that I’d like to work on during the next days, but things are looking good for a new version coming out soon.