Beta v1.6.9

During the last weeks, DropboxPortableAHK was incompatible with the current Dropbox version, which prompted many of its users to write comments on the last blog post on how they use DropboxPortableAHK and how it helps them in their daily life. This encouraged me to work on DropboxPortableAHK again and today, two years after the last official release, there is now a new version available (beta version v1.6.9), which brings support for Dropbox versions greater than 72.4.136. Additionally, you can pass ‘-disable-shortcuts’ to DropboxPortableAHK.exe in case you start it automatically in the background and want to prevent the usual shortcuts (like pressing Shift to open the settings) from interfering with the startup.

It would be great if some of you’d consider sending a donation, especially those that use DropboxPortableAHK for work.
The new version can be downloaded from the Download page and will be rolled out through the auto update of DropboxPortableAHK.
After the update, you probably have to re-run through the Dropbox setup to correctly link it to your account again.