Beta v1.6.8.2

I think it is time to release the current beta version to the public.

There are still a couple of issues though:

  • After using DropboxPortableAHK on a machine that has a regular Dropbox version installed, DropboxPortableAHK reindexes all the files in your Dropbox folder, which might take a while depending on the size of your Dropbox folder
  • Automatic download of needed Dropbox application files is not available in this beta, they are provided with the beta download
  • Desktop Icons and other Windows Explorer functions might be broken after the Dropbox setup. Restart your computer to restore the previous state. This is Dropbox’s fault, I hope it can be solved by moving to a later version of Dropbox in an upcoming version of DropboxPortableAHK


Please check out the user group to get access to the download and to report any issues:!forum/dropboxportableahk

108 thoughts on “Beta v1.6.8.2

  1. Thank you Nick, for all your effort.

    Working miracles is a lonely job..
    You show grit..

    Hope you get your just rewards!

    Marc C

  2. Don’t put Dropbox into Dropbox. link does not work.
    “This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”

  3. I have a problem. When I install DPAHK when I restart my computer I miss all my files… I’ve put Dropbox in many different folders an my fields appear just until I restart my computer… later I can’t find a link to start dropbox as usual

  4. I mean, in the past, I had to start DPAHK everyday when I turned on my office computer. Then i had a folder in my desktop with my own dropbox. now, i can install it, i can see my folder, but when I restart to recover my desktop icons I miss the new DPAHK…

  5. Which Dropbox version actually is this? On the icon in the system tray it shows 2.4.11, but the latest official Dropbox release is 2.8.3. If i am not wrong the developer said that with the new DAHK it will be possible to use the latest Dropbox version.

    • It is v2.4.11. It is possible to use v2.8.3, but this will require more effort and everyone asked for the fastest way. That’s why I went with v2.4.11.
      v2.8.3 will be coming either within the beta period or with an update after it got stable.

  6. I hope that all of those holding back their donations step up and donate now that you’ve delivered on your promises. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  7. Vielen Dank an den Entwickler, dass sich hier so viel Mühe gemacht und Zeit genommen wird, für dieses wunderbar nützliche Projekt!

  8. Hello,

    Thanx for this good work. I got a little problem with DBAHK

    Each time i launch the exe, it re-runs the setup arguing that “no Dropbox path has been found in the Dropbox Database”

    I tried several install with different options

    I use DBAHK on a USB flash

  9. Hello,
    I’m sorry but i don’t understand how to proceed to update my portable dropbox …
    I thought when we start dropbox an update will be launch ..

    Thanks a lot

    • You know that there is a reply button on every comment, so you could have replied to Le Hung easily 🙂
      Please send me your debug files through the support page.

  10. It works ! Wonderful !
    I use some know-how to avoid icon and explorer functions error:
    1. open dropboxporatbleahk in sandboxie
    2. use normal way to setup dropbox (I copy the file in the original dropbox folder when being in step 4)
    3. close dropboxportableahk
    4. open sandboxie and restore all dropboxportable files in the folder
    5. finished !
    I try to research the registry read/write of dropbox, if I got any infomaitons about avoiding error, I’ll send an email to you or post a comment on this post.
    Thank you for your beta version and long works.

    • After a couple of tries on my workcomputer (without admin rights) i followed the steps above and now everything works fine. Before the registration in the dropbox application failed every time after i filled in the right user credentials.

      @Nick: Thanks for all the hard work and the working beta!
      @Adam: Thanks for sharing these tips/workaround!

      A happy Dropbox portable AHK user!

    • Hi,
      I have the same/ a similar problem at my office computer (no admin rights…) like Marcel wrote: my installation worked – more or less – very well. But at the end, when I shall register/connect with my Dropbox-Account, the registration-process starts again and again… I already can start the Dropbox-Configuration. But it doesn’t creat the Dropbox-Folder and it doesn’t synchronize. Just always the window, where I should type in my Dropbox Account…
      The supposed solution with Sandboxie unfortunately doesn’t help me, because I can not install it…

      Might a possible Proxy-Server be a problem?
      What can I do? I cannot find oder I don’t have acces to any debug files… Could I get help otherwise??

      Thank’s for help in advance!

  11. Serious bug: it changes the %userprofile% environment var!!!!

    Everything missed in my profile (at job, where I use Dropbox Portable) until I realized the reason for the problem, I changed the environment var and I rebooted the computer.

    Please, check this bug. Thanks and regards.

    • Always did it, but only for subprocesses of DropboxPortableAHK.
      Dropbox might mess something up with the explorer restart, though.
      You are prompted to reboot your computer after the setup has been completed to avoid such issues.

  12. I tried this version and it still doesn’t login or has problems with the proxy server. Is it possible to look into a log file what the concrete problem is?

    • It worked after starting DPAHK (and thus the following Dropbox installation) as lokal administrator.

      I think this is not the way a portable shold work, isn’t it?!

  13. Ich nutze die Beta auf drei Rechnern zum Synchroniesieren des Dektops, abgesehen vom zu geringen Dropboxspeicher 😉 läuft es tadellos, Großes Danke für Deine Mühen, weiter so!
    Win 8.1 64bit

  14. thanks, been using these for ages. tried using beta but i get this

    “No Dropbox path has been found in the Dropbox Database”

    help pls :'(

  15. I am so impressed with your persistence and excellent work Nick. Super awesome. I also hope that everyone steps up and donates to your awesome project. I have donated in the past, but just donated again. You deserve to be supported by everyone here as we all derive great benefit from your software.

  16. Vielen vielen Dank für die Mühe!
    Den kleinen IE-bug habe ich gerne in Kauf genommen. Nach Neustart alles problemfrei – Win7 Enterprise SP1, 64Bit.
    Endlich wieder einfach synchronisieren 🙂

  17. Hi Nick,

    I deleted all my old versions of dropbox portable, downloaded this, and installed it into a folder which I then ran it from there. To my knowledge there are no other dropbox’ on the system- I only ever used dropbox portable. After I run it, it didn’t seem to install dropbox, it just ran through a bunch of statuses –

    rewrite on settings to update

    rewrite off to settings SyncAndGoAndHybernate

    rewrite on to settings protection

    rewrite off to settings SyncAndGoAndPowerOff


    I left it like this overnight but nothing has changed. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. Will the old DropboxPortable auto-update when bèta is tested? If so, any ETA? I don’t want to start messing around with all my thesis files, better not to take too much risks.

  19. Hi Nick,

    I have Dropbox 2.8.2 on my pc (Win8.1). I installed DropboxPortableAHK for configuring second account everything went ok, but after the reset I can’t see the second Dropbox icon in the notification panel. When I open DropboxPortableAHK.exe manually it starts the setup from the beginning. What am I doing wrong ?

    • Hello,
      I had the same issue,
      Do the setup from the beginning again. At the end, do not the reset the computer, wait until the end off sync and after, reset your computer.
      I don’t know why, but for me now it’s ok!

  20. Hi Nick,

    Unfortunately I could find no logs in the .dbfiles folders despite starting and stopping DPAHK multiple times. Is there some way to force writing them?

  21. You are Awsome…this program is an essential for so many people… unfortunately I live in a 3º world country and can’t donate w/o credit card :S

  22. Hallo Nick,

    gestern funktionierte meine Version noch.
    Seit heute 11.06.2014 startet das Setup-Programm mit der Meldung “Dropbox-Pfad wurde nicht in der Datenbank gefunden”. Das Setup läuft durch und nach erneuter Installation startet wieder das SETUP mit der gleichen Meldung.

    • Hallo,

      der Hinweis von Mourier, 06.06.2014, 08:43 hat auch bei mir geholfen. Man sollte nach dem Setup etwas warten, bis die DB-Synchronisierung in Gang gekommen ist, bevor der Rechner neu gestartet wird.

  23. Apparently my DB has auto updated to 2.8.2 (so it says if I open DB settings window), when DBPAHK starts it shows “unsupported version” error but after that it still works and syncs my files… is that even possible?

    • I’ve had this happen on both Win7/32 & Win7/64, but not just from dropbox, it also happens if copy/move or delete files too i sometimes have to refresh the page to see the result of what i just did, so i’ve just been waiting for a windows update to fix this annoying problem.

      it’s just that it doesn’t happen all the tine, just every once in awhile

  24. I have install on Windows 8.1 and all it’s ok, but imposible to open on win7, don’t know if more people have this problem
    I have try to make a fresh install on this win7 and same problem, “impossible to download files on beta”

  25. No need to restart your computer to fix explorer. Just need to restart explorer.

    Go to task manager (ctrl-shift-esc). Close Explorer.exe (End Task) under Processes tab, and then “File” – New Task (Run…) – type “explorer.exe” and enter!

  26. Any updates when then final version is coming? Cant wait for it! You are doing an awesome job! Thanks for your effort! Dont know what I would do with out it. 🙂

  27. Hat noch jemand das Problem, dass nach der Installation das Fenster mit der Warnung “Verbindungsfehler. Falls dein Computer die Internetverbindung über einen Proxy-Server herstellt, gibt deine Einstellungen bitte hier ein” kommt? Was kann ich da tun? Vor über einem Monat hat alles geklappt, bei einer Neueinrichtung auf meinem Notebook und anderen PCs nicht mehr….Würde mich wirklich über Hilfe freuen

  28. Hi guys,

    maybe my question is stupid, but the beta does not work for me 🙁

    * I extracted the whole archive to a folder
    * I copied the current dropbox folder to the .\Dropbox subfolder
    * I started the beta and configured everything as usual
    * When the assistant reaches the point where you usually download the dropbox files it says “cannot find dropbox files”

    As far as I understand, the beta delivers its own dropbox “installation”, so I do not have to procide anything.
    So why does the beta not find these dropbox files?

    Any suggestion what I was doing wrong?

    I am trying this on a machine where a dropbox 2.8.2 was installed, but this was removed before trying the beta…

  29. Hi Nick,

    thank you so much for the quick reply 🙂

    I really really really did extract everything. The folder “.dbfiles” lists these files:

    [config] (folder)
    [profile] (folder)

    and several logfiles that state the info:

    12:24.48 —–searching for dropbox application files—–
    12:24.48 —–have not found dropbox application files—–
    12:24.48 own version: – max version: – max version server: – max version static: – min version static:

    Maybe I try to start over again after a cleanup of my registry. Probably the uninstall of the previously installed 2.8.2 version of dropbox was not done properly by dropbox?

    I will inform you here, if this helps me.

    Again: thank you for making dropbox portable again :)))

  30. I think I solved it 😉

    As suspected, my deinstallation of the installed version 2.8.2 of dropbox was not done properly AND I got into trouble when the beta version tried to use it somehow!

    During the file extraction process that the beta setup does, it failed due to some DLL that was locked because of still running other processes.

    I found this DLL after I tried to delete the “.dfbiles” folder and could not. There was one dll “undeletable”. Unfortunately I did not note the DLL’s name, but it was one especially for 64 bit windows, as it had the “64” in its name 😉

    After I restarted my machine, deleted the whole dbfiles directory, extracted it from the beta agein and started the beta setup again it finally found the formerly missing dropbox files and everything went smoothly!!

    Thank you so much again!! :))))

  31. Guten Morgen, tut sich hier eigentlich noch was? Wird das Beta-Stadium irgendwann verlassen? Gibt es bald eine offizielle Version?

    • Ich habe derzeit kaum Zeit, um an DropboxPortableAHK zu arbeiten. Ich kann daher nicht sagen, wann ich eine “stable” Version veröffentliche. Die aktuelle Betaversion funktioniert jedoch für die meisten sehr gut.

  32. Hi,

    I tried it in two different computers with Windows 7 and it doesn’t work.
    I follow all the install process of Dropbox AHK and of Dropbox itself, then restart computer (as Dropbox AHK suggests) and when I run DropboxPortableAHK.exe the install process starts again from begin.

    • SOLVED! (I think 🙂

      Not sure 100%, but I think the problem was that I ran Dropbox portable AHK from a link whose path (“Start in” option) was different from the path where DropboxPortableAHK.exe was located: I fixed it and unitl now all is ok!

  33. Hi,
    I have the same/ a similar problem at my office computer (no admin rights…) like Marcel mentioned above (5.6.2014, 09:24), my installation worked – more or less – very well. But at the end, when I shall register/connect with my Dropbox-Account, the registration-process starts again and again… I already can start the Dropbox-Configuration. But it doesn’t creat the Dropbox-Folder and it doesn’t synchronize. Just always the window, where I should type in my Dropbox Account…
    The supposed solution with Sandboxie unfortunately doesn’t help me, because I can not install it…

    Might a possible Proxy-Server be a problem?
    What can I do? I cannot find oder I don’t have acces to any debug files… Could I get help otherwise??

    Thank’s for help in advance!

  34. DB AHK has been working fine for a few weeks with two different DroBoxes opened automatically by PortableApps at each startup now suddenly it is asking me to update Dropbox when one of them loads, I say yes and it comes back that DropBoxAHK can’t update at the present because the correct dropbox is bundled with the software so I cancel that then it loads OK.BUT….The DB that loads OK says it is DB 2.4.11 whereas the other says it is DB 2.10.3 when hovering over the icon. But it appears to be working OK.
    Any ideas. I presume you haven’t released a stable version yet and are still working on the Beta_1682
    Thanks for a great job.

    • You should re-setup the one that says it is version 2.10.3.
      I can only guarantee correct functionality with Dropbox 2.4.11 with the current beta version.

    • Thanks Nik,
      Sorry pressed the wrong reply tab so it didn’t link with the thread….

      Is there a quick way of doing that so I don’t lose all the settings. The last couple of times I’ve changed things I have had to go right through the setup process and it has re uploaded or downloaded all the files.

  35. I installed the Dropbox beta on my home computer without any issues. It took a long,long time to reindex all the files but at the end everything is working perfectly! I take it to work where I have no admin rights whatsoever and it works right away!
    This portable makes Dropbox worth twice as much to me. Keep up the good work! Nicely done!

  36. Running into issues with latest beta. When I attempt to link my account during the last phase of setup, I get, “You’re using an old version of Dropbox”. Hovering over the icon shows version 2.4.11, win7 x64

  37. Same problem happened to me too after “regular” Dropbox got updated.

    I uninstalled and installed portable versiona dozen times a and now everything is ok.

  38. Looks like we will need to update soon. DB is saying that the version that I have is old and won’t work soon.

    Hopefully you can update soon.

  39. Just got this from DB

    We see that you’re running an old version of Dropbox on your computer, ‘Home, Backup’. We regularly release new versions with additional features, better performance, and security enhancements.

    Next week, we’ll be retiring the version you’re currently using. Please update your application so that you can continue using Dropbox.

    I guess they will break this portable version too, what a bunch of c@nts they are ..

  40. The last version worked for me, but when I rebooted it stopped working so I’ve given up on using Dropbox AHK until I see an update. Are any updates coming down the pipeline? I sure do miss it.

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  42. Hi,

    I’m running 3 different accounts with DropboxPortableAHK.
    How do I make shortcuts in de startupfolder so thst all three of them will start after reboot? Is it a shortcut of each folder with all the files or only the .exes? For example: DropboxPortableAHK.exe, DropboxPortableAHK.exe(2), DropboxPortableAHK.exe(3) ?

    • Only put shortcuts to the .exes into your startup folder.
      It does not matter how they are named, the only thing necessary is that each of them points to another DropboxPortableAHK.exe.

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