Beta version for accurate displaying of the current syncing state

Many of you probably have seen something like this since a couple of days:

This is because of the new release for the Dropbox version 1.2.48 that was published by the Dropbox authors some days ago. Many of you will wonder why Dropbox does not update itself properly – it is because of DropboxPortableAHK. The new Dropbox version is not supported by my application and I currently see no way how I could accomplish this, because Dropbox does not give me any relevant information and don’t want to cooperate.

That’s why I have integrated a feature a few versions ago that stops Dropbox from updating itself. The problem with this method is, however, that Dropbox tries to update itself all the time and displays no syncing progress while being in this state – the syncing is done, only the progress is not shown.

So I thought more and more about this issue and finally remembered that I saw a python script that retrieves the current syncing state for a file or folder in your Dropbox folder. I used the code to implement this in DropboxPortableAHK and here is the result: a new beta version for you to test.

With this version, you will see the current syncing progress on the DropboxPortableAHK tray icon (which was changed to differ more from the original Dropbox’s one). The normal Dropbox tray icon gets hidden. When you right-click on the tray icon, you can access the context menu of the Dropbox tray icon to open your Dropbox folder, see the last changed files, open the settings, etc.

However, there is a problem. There can be only one running Dropbox instance at the same time. I am still thinking about how to integrate this, please see my next post for a more detailed explanation and possible solutions.

Now that you read all of this, you are allowed to get the new beta version:

DropboxPortableAHK v1.3.7.102

Please use the support form to send me any problems that you encounter and use the comments below to thank me and post any interesting thoughts 😉