Beta v1.6.8.15

Die neueste Betaversion v1.6.8.15 bringt Unterstützung für Dropboxversionen, die neuer als 28.4.14 sind. Außerdem wird nun die DropboxPortableAHK Version im Installationsbildschirm und dem Tray Icon Tooltip angezeigt.

Bitte besucht die User Group für mehr Informationen, den Downloadlink und um Fehler zu melden:!forum/dropboxportableahk

14 thoughts on “Beta v1.6.8.15

  1. I just downloaded the latest version of your Portable. In the last step of the installation, it sais I’m using an old version and it refuses to install. What should I do?

  2. Hi! congratulations for your great software! I downloaded today the latest Dropbox version 45.4.92 and giving me the following error: Your Dropbox version is not supported. please update DropboxPortable AHK to support newer versions of Dropbox. thanks!

  3. Hi Nick
    I think you definitively should update the DropboxPortableAHK. Mine quotes, that I must update to the latest dropbox version within the next 13 days otherwise it will stop working!
    Thank you in advance.
    BTW: Are you still on the other side of the planet or already back in good old europe?

  4. nick
    everyone trying to install the latest version v1.6.8.15 beta will face the same problem.
    In the last step of the installation, after it downloads the dropbox setup files, when you try to sign into dropbox, it says
    You are using an old version of dropbox and dropbox refuses to continue. refuses to install. refuses to let you sign in.
    nick please address this asap.
    thanks mate

  5. Tried the trick on the website – for extracting the newest dropbox.exe but that doesnt seem to work with the latest beta 15. I really love the software – dont know why dropbox doesnt offer you some support (or hire you and your team). keep up the good work definitely looking for a new patch to the DropboxPortableAHK for a work around on this issue as with the current version I keep getting notified that i have 12 days left, and sadly no working solution in sight. 🙁

  6. Hi,
    I have been using DBPAHK for a while and it is a great software, but it is really crucial to update to somewhat latest version now. The software states, that I have 7 days left!

    The clock is ticking, please let us continue to use yout great software.

    Thank you so much.

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