Dropbox blockiert mehrere Instanzen

Ich arbeite seit ein paar Tagen an einer neuen Version von DropboxPortableAHK und dabei hat sich herausgestellt, dass Dropbox nun mehrere gleichzeitig laufende Instanzen unterbindet. Ich habe bisher noch keine Möglichkeit gefunden, dies zu umgehen.
Daher möchte ich euch bitten, in der folgenden Umfrage kurz auszuwählen, für was ihr DropboxPortableAHK benutzt:

What do you use DropboxPortableAHK for?

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Ich hoffe durch die Umfrage ein kleines Abbild über das Nutzungsverhalten zu erhalten, um das weitere Vorgehen besser planen zu können.

19 thoughts on “Dropbox blockiert mehrere Instanzen

  1. Hi nick,

    bad news. Anyways. Even I usually run multiple instances simultaneously – it would be a help to run them step by step.

    Beside that. I have no clue to how dropbox checks out how many instances are running. Sometime it helps to give the instance a new internal name. I made other programs working simultaneously this way (for example launchy) using resourcehacker.

    • I did not check it thoroughly either, but I could not find a way to make two instances run side by side.
      Maybe a new way will turn up again in the future.

  2. If simultaneous instances are not possible I agree with Mennes, if we could have some kind of round-robin periodic sync that would still be useful.

    • I concur. Perhaps the portable version could disable the regular version for a short time and reactivate it after the portable version is done.

  3. I’m also in the multiple instances at the same time camp! I’ve loved the functionality I’ve gotten from AHK and would love to continue using t. Even a periods sync would still be useful. Thanks for the good work on this!

  4. Sounds like it would be a good idea to first make a version that works with new dropbox client and no multiple instances and then start on a multiple instance version. At least you’d solve the problem for 45% of us quickly.

    • I agree with Realitista

      Going for the max in one leap is maybe too ambitious. Getting to run a single instance is better. I normally shut down my installed dropbox Version before I start the portable one. When done I restart the installed Version again. Just to be on the safe side.
      Cheers and thank you in any way for your efforts…

  5. Thanks for this tool but why don’t you make it open source? I realize you do it in your free time, so this is for sure a reason to consider releasing its code… maybe other people have free time and can help as well…

  6. Hi, I too am not sure what multiple instances mean. I use one instance of DropboxPortable but I do have a desktop with the standard dropbox client and an android phone with dropbox.

    If nothing else, like others above, I would appreciate continued support for some client that syncs periodically.

  7. Hello, I really hope you can find a way to have a new program as I use dropbox for my self and another account PRO for work… I need to have those accounts ready also for importing files on HDD.
    Thanks for reply

  8. vote button was not working for me, but I use it solely for multiple instances. 4 family members (in my household) all got free 50Gb boxes when we got new phones a few years ago. Those have since dropped in size, but everyone’s phones still backup to DB.

  9. I have released a new version today that allows a single instance to be synchronized.
    This satisfies most of the users already.

    Maybe there will be a way in the future to run multiple instances in parallel again.

  10. Then why even bother installing this software? Used to be great, now its just OK. I mean.. if you want a dropbox on a USB stick. Who really does that? Let me get you a floppy disk while we’re at it…

    • 1. You can still use multiple instances, you just can’t use them simultaneously. You can close one instance and start the next (or just us SyncAndGo in a round robin fashion to automate this) to sync all accounts.

      2. Some people can’t install the official Dropbox software, because it gets blocked by their computer. They might be able to run a portable version, though.

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