Update auf v1.4.2.0

Vor wenigen Sekunden habe ich eine neue Version auf den Server geladen. DropboxPortableAHK ist nun in vereinfachtem Chinesisch verfügbar (danke an ToadLoading (Liu Ding)) und es werden mehrere URLs (http://www.google.com/, http://www.dropbox.com/, http://www.microsoft.com/) für die Internetverbindungsüberprüfung verwendet. Außerdem wurden zwei Fehler behoben.

Kompletter Changelog:
*********************************************************** (15.01.2012):
+Vereinfachtes Chinesisch (von ToadLoading (Liu Ding))
+Mehrere URLs für Internetverbindungsüberprüfung
#Setup konnte nicht gestartet werden, wenn die Dropbox-Version nicht unterstützt wurde
#WMI-Fehler auf sehr eingeschränkten Systemen

12 thoughts on “Update auf v1.4.2.0

  1. Attempting to install for first time. After trying to download [Dropbox application files] from your site – “Download of new files failed! MD5 sum does not match”

    • Please send me your debug log files (they are stored in the .dbfiles folder) through the support page. Usually, a MD5 error occurs because of a firewall or anti-virus application conflict. Please check them as well.

    • You can grab the .zip file here: http://j.mp/xVJ6XT

      Extract it to .dbfilesprofileDropbox and DropboxPortableAHK will handle everything on the next startup.
      Which Operation System do you use? I think you have to use at least Windows XP, because some functions where not provided by Windows before.

  2. Hello.
    After updating to version I have a problem. After starting dropboxportableahk.exe I see just ‘Could not connect to Internet’ and it doesn’t start dropbox.exe. So I can’t do anything with it. Of course I do have Internet connection.
    Part of log:

    log file removed

  3. Have had no problem with many versions of Dropbox until today. Upgraded to latest version (something to do with Chinese). When I double click AHK, the icon appears as normal in the system tray (H Icon). It then closes. If I hover the icon before it closes, I see message “Dropbox xxxx closed. Increasing Counter” where xxxx is a number.
    Is is possible to roll back to the previous version? If so do I just overwrite the .exe and where can I get it from?

    Many thanks,


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