Update auf v1.4.5.0

Vor wenigen Minuten habe ich eine neue Version auf den Server geschoben. Fehlgeschlagene Downloads können nun wiederholt werden und Probleme mit den Dropbox-Anwendungsdateien werden erkannt und können mittels einem einfachen Bestätigungsklick gelöst werden.

Kompletter Changelog:

*********************************************************** (05.03.2012):
+Herunterladen von fehlenden Dropbox-Dateien
+Wiederholen von fehlgeschlagenen Downloads möglich

8 thoughts on “Update auf v1.4.5.0

  1. The latest version of portable dropbox is not working with my computer also. The older version is working good but after i updated it with the version “update prevention” thing, the only thing it does is download the files over and over again.A dialog box then it prompts you if I want to visit and then after that, either you click yes or no, it starts to download again and then the cycle continues without really starting the portable dropbox.Please help me on this problem. Thank you…

    • Please be more specific about your problem. Which version did you use before? Does this version still works for you? Which files are downloaded again? What is the text of the dialog box?
      Furthermore, please don’t use the comments for bug reports, write me a message through the support page and send me your debug files, otherwise I can’t do anything about it.

  2. Latest versions not working with my proxy. When I setup DropboxPortableAHK he does not see internet connection.
    The version is working good.

    • Please get in touch with me through the support page and send me your debug files. Does any of the newer versions work for you or is the last working one?

  3. Thanks for making my dropbox portable!
    One of the best portable apps I use these days!!
    I noticed that when I change the desktop.ini inside my dropbox folder to change the folder icon (I like my portable device styled/themed), DropboxPortableAHK reverts my changes on (re)start when applying the config.

    Is there a way to change the desktop.ini permanently?

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