Dropbox File System Incompatibility

Since a few days, Dropbox requires its syncing folder to be on a compatible file system, which at the moment is only NTFS on Windows. If you are using DropboxPortableAHK on an internal hard drive, it is most likely already formatted as NTFS and everything works fine.

However, some USB thumb drives are formatted as FAT32 or exFAT. If you use DropboxPortableAHK on such a drive, Dropbox will display the following error:
Dropbox Unsupported File System Error

This issue is also mentioned in the Dropbox Help and raised hundreds of complaints in their own forums. Unfortunately, it looks like Dropbox will not change this behavior, so the only way to keep using DropboxPortableAHK on your thumb drive is to make sure it is formatted as NTFS. Please make a copy of all your data on the thumb drive before formatting it, because formatting will erase all data. Please check out the Microsoft documentation for more information about formatting a drive.

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5 thoughts on “Dropbox File System Incompatibility

  1. Thank you for the update! What does this mean for Mac users?? I was about to install your software for the first time, now awaiting your reply 🙂

  2. As far as I remember, older versions of windows did not allow to format a thumb drive in NTFS. This should be fixed in Windows 10.

    BTW, if you are not allowed or prefer not to format (which is the suggested way of proceed), you can upgrade a FAT drive to NTFS with:

    convert /FS:NTFS

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