Dropbox retiring old versions

Dropbox started to update old versions more aggressively and now blocks all old versions during the setup:
Dropbox Setup old version error

I am working on a solution to support the latest available Dropbox version and will post a new public beta version as soon as I am done 🙂

26 thoughts on “Dropbox retiring old versions

  1. Yes, I have now had two emails from them saying that I am using an out of date version which will soon cease to work.
    Also my two portable DropBoxes just updated themselves within dbAHK but strangely one updated to 2.10.3 and the other to 2.10.27 however that happens but both appear to be working although the 2.10.3 one did close down this morning saying DropBox was behaving strangely!!
    Thanks for all the great work Nick

  2. Thanks for your continued efforts Nick! You promises us that you had an idea to make newer versions of Dropbox work with DropboxAHK and I appreciate that you’re putting in the the time to deliver just that.

    I again encourage everyone who benefits from Nick’s work to show him your appreciation by donating, even a little bit.

  3. Mine also downloaded the latest automatically (2.10.28). Now PortableAHK will start sometimes with the message: “your dropbox version is not supported” and exits. Other times it does start and it works.

  4. I figured out a temporary solution if your Dropbox was somehow updated to a newer version:

    When Dropbox Poortable asks if you want to install a compatible version anwser yes. Click OK, and start again. Dropbox Poryabel should now start up.

  5. Good Morming!
    Thanks for all your efforts nick, but i’am at one stet of leaving dropbos service, because of this shit’s of them!
    I’m already wating for the release portable version of the Meocloud service (Portugal Telecom)! It starts with 16Gb that is more than enought for me!
    Thanks and sorry for my english mistakes!

  6. Well if I say yes to downloading a new version it kinda works except that every time I have to restart my computer DB will ask me to sign in again and then reindex every file again. Takes forever. I have a surface that has a real issue with coming back alive from sleep mode so every day or so I have to reindex everything.

    A fix for this would be great but I think I will have to move my dropbox folder and install it on the main SSD until this gets sorted out.

    Thanks for all of your efforts.

  7. Thanks for the hard work. Mine isn’t working right now, so once you have it I will look forward to it… Have already donated, and will most likely donate again!

  8. Hello,

    I think my version of Dropbox, 2.4.11, stopped being supported yesterday night. I had used Dropbox Portable successfully earlier that evening. Now it just keeps showing:

    Dropbox 2.4.11
    Downloading file list…
    Uploading 3 files…

    Are there newer versions compatible with Dropbox Portable? If yes, how do I get them installed?

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