• Can I use DropboxPortableAHK with Dropbox two step verification?

Yes, this works. However, you will have to disable two step verification before setting up DropboxPortableAHK. Afterwards, you can enable it again and DropboxPortableAHK will continue to work just fine.

  • Why are you using Dropbox version 1.1.45, although there are newer ones available?

After version 1.1.45 the Dropbox client encrypts it’s configuration files. Therefore, DropboxPortableAHK can not change the path of your Dropbox folder to be in your custom location anymore.

  • During an update I got an error message about a not matching MD5 sum. What is it and what should I do?

After the download of the new software, a checksum of the download is created and compared with the checksum of the server. This ensures that there were no issues during the download and the file is exactly the same as the file on the update server.
If the two checksums do not match, you will get an error message.
The reason for a mismatching checksum can be either an antivirus or firewall application, maybe a proxy, that aborted the download before it has been finished or a hickup on the internet connection.
For the last one, just retry the update. If it is still failing, please check your antivirus and firewall applications’ settings.

  • I got an error message: “Could not remove old Dropbox files”. How to solve this?

This happens, if Dropbox managed to update itself and loaded it’s files on the host computer. Most of the time, it works if you restart your computer and run DropboxPortableAHK again. If this does not work, you have to remove the old files manually. Here is how to do it:

  1. Check, where your Dropbox application files are being stored. In recent versions, this is under DropboxPortableAHK\.dbfiles\bin (old DropboxPortableAHK versions: somewhere in DropboxPortableAHK\.dbfiles\profile. You are searching for the subfolder “Dropbox\bin”. If you don’t want to look around, just open the latest DropboxPortableAHK log file (.dbfiles\DropboxPortableAHK_debug_TIMESTAMP.log) and search for “start unpacking”. This line will contain the path to “Dropbox\bin”.)
  2. I will use the path “F:\DropboxPortableAHK\.dbfiles\bin” during this example.
  3. Open a command prompt and keep it open.
  4. Go to the task-manager’s processes tab and kill explorer.exe.
  5. Activate the command prompt and copy this into it and hit enter:
    RD /S /Q “PATH FROM 1.”
    so in this example I would use
    RD /S /Q “F:\DropboxPortableAHK\.dbfiles\bin”
  6. Now, enter “explorer.exe” and hit return.

The offending files should now be deleted and you can run DropboxPortableAHK again.

  • I am stuck on an old version. DropboxPortableAHK tries to update itself on every start, but it doesn’t work and after a restart, it tries again. How can I update to the newest version?

I am very sorry, this was a mistake by me. To get this fixed, let DropboxPortableAHK download the newest version. At the upcoming prompt. Just click no and kill DropboxPortableAHK.exe through your task manager. There should be a file called “DropboxPortableAHK_NEW.exe” in your folder. Rename this one to “DropboxPortableAHK.exe” and the newest version is installed.
Alternatively you can just delete DropboxPortableAHK.exe and download the newest version from the website.

Sorry again for the inconveniences.

  • I made a mistake during the setup or want to change a setting. How can I access the setup again?

Just hold down ‘Shift’ while you start up DropboxPortableAHK. You can also pass the ‘-setup’ parameter on the command line.

  • How can I run in SyncAndGo mode, if it is not set as default?

Hold down ‘Ctrl’ while running DropboxPortableAHK. This will enable the SyncAndGo mode. Alternatively, pass the ‘-syncandgo’ parameter on the command line.

  • Does this run on x64 machines as well?

Yes, it should run without problems there as well.

  • What happens, if a new version gets released?

The application has it’s own autoupdater, which will check on every launch if there is an update available.
After that, you can download the latest release, your settings are save, of course.

  • My syncing speed is awful slow, what to do?

If you are running DropboxPortableAHK on your USB drive, the syncing can be very slow because of the low transfer speed of your USB drive.

It is recommended to setup DropboxPortableAHK on your HDD. After finishing the setup just copy the entire folder to your USB drive.

Additionally, you can choose to use your previously used dropbox folder. That is useful because dropbox does not have to download all your files,
but they are just copied into your portable directory.

If you choose to use also your previously used configuration file, there is no need to sync any data and you can use your dropbox instantly.

  • What is the autorun.inf addon for?

This option is helpful if you use DropboxPortableAHK on a removable drive. If you check this addon a autorun.inf will be created in the root of your
drive. When you insert your removable media a popup window will allow you to start DropboxPortableAHK automatically, so you don’t have to start it yourself. However, this functionality can only be used in OSes prior to Windows 7.

  • What is SyncAndGo?

SyncAndGo allows you to just sync all your changes in your Dropbox and exit Dropbox afterwards automatically. This is very useful if you work in your Dropbox folder and don’t want Dropbox to sync every time you save a document. Just run DropboxPortableAHK with SyncAndGo mode enabled after you have finished your work and wait until it has finished.

  • What is the “Dropbox folder protection” addon for?

This addon makes sure that the dropbox application is only running when your dropbox folder is available.
Otherwise dropbox would eventually delete all your files, because it thinks they are missing.

  • Where can I find my previously used dropbox configuration files, which I can enter during the installation?

If you have used the “normal” dropbox installation before, they are located in %AppData%\Dropbox\config.db.

If you have used a portable version, they are located in your portable directory.

  • I read something about risks when putting the dropbox folder on a removable drive. Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. DropboxPortableAHK has a protection feature, which automatically kills dropbox.exe, if your dropbox folder is not accessible anymore.

  • Can I run multiple instances of DropboxPortableAHK?

Yes, just create multiple folders of your DropboxPortableAHK folder.

  • How can I distinguish between the multiple running dropboxes?

You could change their icons with ResHacker.

  • My usb stick has not enough space to hold my complete dropbox. Any solution?

Sure. Just go to the settings of dropbox and choose the feature ‘Selective Sync’. Choose your folders that you want to be synced there and you are done.

  • What should I enter on the installation screen for my dropbox path?

Generally, you have to provide a path followed by a backslash and the preferred folder name of dropbox.

  • What should I enter if I do not care about the dropbox path folder path?

Just stick with the standard input “.\Dropbox”. Your dropbox folder will now be in the same folder as DropboxPortableAHK, no matter if you copy it to another directory.

  • What advanced opportunities do I have to define the dropbox folder location?

There are a few special characters you can use to change your dropbox folder location.

  • \ -> a single backslash points to the root directory of your drive
  • .\ -> a point followed by a backslash points to the current directory of DropboxPortableAHK
  • ..\ -> two points followed by a backslash point to the parent directory of DropboxPortableAHKYou can add multiple levels, e.g “..\..\..\Dropbox” would place the dropbox folder 3 levels above the current directory


  • My context menu functions of dropbox are gone. What to do?

The funcionality was removed in newer versions of DropboxPortableAHK, because Dropbox stores the data on the local drive and not in it’s own folder. Additionally, it has caused troubles during updates.

  • I think this is a wonderful application, can I support it by donating?

All donations are welcome! You can donate any amount through PayPal. To donate, click here.