No multiple instances anymore?

This post is for explaining a few things I was talking about in my previous post.

The problem is that the current beta version uses a technique for retrieving the syncing status that works only for 1 instance, or more specifically, the first Dropbox instance that was started on the system. It doesn’t matter whether this is a standard Dropbox installation or one using DropboxPortableAHK.

It does work if there are two running instances and one of them gets shut down. Then, the other reports it’s current syncing status. So what are the options I have for future releases?

1. Allow only one running Dropbox instance

If there is only one Dropbox instance running at the same time, there would be no issues, everything works great. The downside is, you can only run one Dropbox at the same time. However, it works if you shut down the running instance and start a new instance afterwards. I can think about a ‘instance manager’ that let you start and stop different Dropboxes or run them after each other with SyncAndGo enabled.

Personally, I don’t use multiple running Dropboxes. I only fire up Dropbox if I changed something in the Dropbox folder and need the changes on other computers as well.

2. Use it for the first instance, but disable it for the next

This method would enable the accurate syncing status for the first running Dropbox, but doesn’t hide the icons of the next instances and let Dropbox doing it’s work. If Dropbox doesn’t attempt to update itself, everything should be displayed correctly. But if it does, you will only see “upgrading Dropbox” on it’s tray icon. Maybe I find a way to disable the update earlier in the process, so it doesn’t even get in the “upgrading Dropbox” status.

3. Retrieve the Dropbox status manually

This implementation could work by clicking an entry on the tray icon’s context menu. After that, all Dropbox instances except of the currently selected will be closed, the syncing status for the current one retrieved and the closed ones started again afterwards.

It is up to you now, what do you think is the best solution? Please help me finding a good way by answering the poll below.



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7 thoughts on “No multiple instances anymore?

  1. I am using multiple dropbox instances because I have files from two different jobs syncing back onto my home computer. I do not want to have the two sets of files synced up at both places, but I do enjoy having the ability to have them synced at home. I do not know the best way to go about it, but if you can keep the multiple dropbox instances going, it helps at least one guy out.

  2. I also use multiple instances, for the same reason as Roz. I also have an instance on my USB stick that starts when I plug it in, what makes that I’m running sometimes up to 4 instances. For me it would be nice to see the status of each of the instances, but I also don’t know what you should do to achieve something like that.

  3. Not going to vote since I don’t use multiple instances, but did want to give you a big thumbs-up for reaching out to us users for our input. Good stuff!

    • I think it’s very important to get feedback and new input from the users. Most of the features in DropboxPortableAHK were brought up by you, the application would be nothing without all of you 😉

  4. I only use one instance; I voted for that one but I can see that running multiple instances might be my choice in the future. Good luck with the poll and keep us posted on the results!

  5. I’m not very technical on what you are doing to get this to work in a portable way, but I am very appreciative. I currently use multiple dropboxes for data from my work/home/travel accounts. I sync them to an encrypted external hard drive for back up storage purposes. Having multiple accounts running at once is of convience. It isn’t a deal breaker as I find your application too indispensable for what I do, but if there is a way to maintain multiple instances, I would find that a benefit. Thank you.

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