Update to v1.3.7.0

I just pushed the update to version onto the servers. This release contains mostly bug fixes and a few enhancements. Furthermore, a French language file was added – thanks to Erwan L.

With this release, the new homepage is official online and integrated into the application. You won’t have to struggle with the old website that caused some anti-virus application to ring. The own site however has a downside as well. The server fee needs to be paid. So please consider a donation if you like DropboxPortableAHK 😉

Read the complete changelog:

*********************************************************** (14.11.2011):
+support for proxys defined in system connection with authentication
+French language file (by Erwan L.)
+’-help’ and ‘/?’ command line switches to display command line usage
#best connection saving bug
#empty Dropbox configuration file
#not always deleted the oldest debug files
#some gui sizes
#not working download counter
~debug files are now stored in the ‘.dbfiles\’ subfolder
~homepage link

3 thoughts on “Update to v1.3.7.0

  1. I tried to submit this in the support section, but I didn’t have a debug log I could attach, so it wouldn’t let me. Any suggestions?

    When I started up Dropbox Portable, it told me an update was available, so I updated.

    Then I got an error box: “The specified module could not be found. Load Library (python dll) failed.”

    Then: “G:DropboxPortableAHK.dbfilesprofileAppDataRoamingDropboxbinPYTHON25.DLL”

    So I found PYTHON25.DLL in one of the folders, and copied and pasted it into the bin folder. Then when I try to start it, it tells me Windows has encountered a problem with it and is shutting it down.

    I don’t have a debug file. I had numerous ones in there, so I deleted them, and now I can’t get far enough for another one to be created.

    • The debug files are stored in the .dbfiles subfolder since the latest version. Do you have them there?
      Try to delete your entire ‘.dbfilesprofile…Dropboxbin’ directory and start up DropboxPortableAHK again. It will tell you that your Dropbox files are missing. So download them through the setup and everything should be fine again.
      You don’t need to set up Dropbox again, just click finish at the last setup screen.

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