Update to v1.4.1.0

A few minutes ago, I pushed a new version of DropboxPortableAHK to the server: v1.4.1.0. For most people there are no big changes, but there is now built-in support for Portuguese (thanks to dinism) and the url for the Internet connection check was changed to http://www.dropbox.com/ because some networks block the access to http://www.google.de/ (which should be .com from the beginning anyway) and the Dropbox site needs to be available for Dropbox to work properly.

By the way: I was sure I have written a post about the update to v1.4.0.0, but it seems like it is vanished completely. That’s why I append the changelog for this version as well.

The complete changelog is:
*********************************************************** (28.12.2011):
+Portuguese language (by dinism)
~url for Internet connection check from http://www.google.de/ to http://www.dropbox.com/
-additional note of new homepage after update
*********************************************************** (19.12.2011):
+Polish language (by mail4skwarka)
+Russian language (by Alexander Ermolenko)
~wait for Internet connection if DropboxPortableAHK was setup before instead of popping up the setup screen
~hide proxy password in the gui by default
#improved Dropbox update prevention
+feature to shutdown or hibernate the Computer after SyncAndGo

12 thoughts on “Update to v1.4.1.0

  1. Any chance we can get a Google Group up for this application? That forum thread is a little unwieldy.

    I’m having issues. I had a full blown version of Dropbox running with one of your Portable instances. Everything was fine until today when something got corrupt. I’m trying to create a new portable instance on my PC to run alongside the full install but it keeps wanting me to merge my Dropboxes (full & portable) during the Dropbox Install and will not let me pick a different destination. I don’t want to do that. Any ideas?

    Love the new site. I hope you don’t mind me replying to the thread of the version I appear to be having problems with.

    • Nevermind. I’m good I guess. Looks like the info it wanted to merge with was part of the older install or something else all together. I think I am fine. Thanks for your hard work.

    • Looks like Dropbox wanted to merge the default Dropbox folder (which shouldn’t exist when you don’t use the standard installation) with the new setup. Usually a quick look in the folder shows if it is used (empty or not). If it is empty, you can simply merge it with the new setup, otherwise you need to check if the files in there are in use by another Dropbox installation (portable or not).

      I created a google group here: http://j.mp/tG8osn
      and a google code project for issue tracking here: http://j.mp/uP09dC

  2. Hello Nick,
    This morning I started dropbox portable after 2 weeks and I got a popup about the new version. I clicked yes to download the files, but after the download I got a new popup with the message:

    “Download of new files failed! MD5 sum does not match Please report this issue. Do you want to open the support homepage?”

    My instance is running on a USB stick and I’m using Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit.

    Thanks for all your support!


    • Hi Peter,
      usually a MD5 error occurs if you are behind a firewall or antivirus application that blocks the download. Did you successfully update to a prior version before on the same computer? If so, did you change anything related to firewall or antivirus applications on your system afterwards? It could be helpful if you send me your debug files through the support form.

    • Hi Nick,

      It’s probably related to the firewall like you mentioned. I have this issue when I’m at work but I can’t control the settings off course.
      Currently I’m manually downloading and replacing the exe file.

      Thank you very much for all your hard work!


  3. Thanks for good software at first.I am a chinese user.When I run the software,it can’t start it normal.It show message like “Cloud not connect to the internet” in the system tray.I don’t know if you know the GFW in the china.The dropbox website can’t visit in china because of it(GFW).I can’t visit http://j.mp/AsD0ot
    but http://j.mp/zqvkY4
    is ok.So i think the connect of software was block by GFW.How to change the connect of software https instead of http.

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