Update to v1.4.2.0

A few seconds ago I pushed a new version to the server. Support for Simplified Chinese was added (thanks to ToadLoading (Liu Ding)) and from now on multiple URLs are used for the Internet connection check (http://www.google.com/, http://www.dropbox.com/, http://www.microsoft.com/). Additionally, two bugs were fixed.

Complete changelog:
*********************************************************** (15.01.2012):
+Simplified Chinese language (by ToadLoading (Liu Ding))
+multiple urls for Internet connection check
#setup could not be run again if the Dropbox version was unsupported
#WMI error on very restricted machines

12 thoughts on “Update to v1.4.2.0

  1. Attempting to install for first time. After trying to download [Dropbox application files] from your site – “Download of new files failed! MD5 sum does not match”

    • Please send me your debug log files (they are stored in the .dbfiles folder) through the support page. Usually, a MD5 error occurs because of a firewall or anti-virus application conflict. Please check them as well.

    • You can grab the .zip file here: http://j.mp/xVJ6XT

      Extract it to .dbfilesprofileDropbox and DropboxPortableAHK will handle everything on the next startup.
      Which Operation System do you use? I think you have to use at least Windows XP, because some functions where not provided by Windows before.

  2. Hello.
    After updating to version I have a problem. After starting dropboxportableahk.exe I see just ‘Could not connect to Internet’ and it doesn’t start dropbox.exe. So I can’t do anything with it. Of course I do have Internet connection.
    Part of log:

    log file removed

  3. Have had no problem with many versions of Dropbox until today. Upgraded to latest version (something to do with Chinese). When I double click AHK, the icon appears as normal in the system tray (H Icon). It then closes. If I hover the icon before it closes, I see message “Dropbox xxxx closed. Increasing Counter” where xxxx is a number.
    Is is possible to roll back to the previous version? If so do I just overwrite the .exe and where can I get it from?

    Many thanks,


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