Update to v1.4.8.0

A few minutes ago a new update was released. This happened just to ensure the new Dropbox version (1.4) can not be installed automatically over your currently used one in DropboxPortableAHK through the Dropbox upgrade process.

12 thoughts on “Update to v1.4.8.0

    • You should get an update notification on the next start. If not, you have either disabled automatic updates or you can not access the update server (unlikely).
      Of course you can just grab the files from the download page and overwrite your current version.

  1. Hallo Nick,
    habe gestern das neueste Update installiert.
    Seitdem meldet Windows Explorer “…funktioniert nicht mehr”
    Und zwar immer nur, wenn ich mich auf Explorer Ebene in einem der Dropbox Ordner bewege. (Win7 prof 64bit)
    Ist das noch jemandem aufgefallen?

  2. Hi,

    seit einiger Zeit habe ich das Problem, dass das Icon von DropboxPortableAHK nicht mehr verschwindet wenn DB erfolgreich gestartet wurde. Ist das neuerdings so gewollt oder ein Bug?


  3. Hi
    I am trying to use the program on a restricted XP computer (corporate lock down so limited install rights)
    First run seems to go fine with internet connection established etc until I reach the button for ‘Download DB files’
    When I click I get an error ‘Could not fetch the correct data from server’
    Any thoughts on the problem?
    Suggested work around?
    Copy the files across from an existing installation?
    Suggestions please

    • Your firewall might block the access to the download server.
      You can either set it up at your home computer or you can download the files manually from: http://j.mp/xVJ6XT

      Extract the zip file and move the contents to .dbfiles\profile\Dropbox\bin. DropboxPortableAHK should pick it up on the next run.
      If this does not solve your problem, please send me your debug files through the support page.

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