Update to v1.5.0.0

After a long time without updates, I uploaded the new version of DropboxPortableAHK – v1.5 – today.

There are a few changes that were made. You can’t choose whether to update Dropbox or not, because there will probably be nothing to update anymore. The option to use your previously used Dropbox configuration file during the setup was removed as well, because people were always complaining that it does not work with the new versions of Dropbox.

Furthermore, there was added a new command line parameter “-clearcache”, which allows you to empty the Dropbox cache on startup if you think that Dropbox puts too much crap into it and you want to use the storage it occupies.

This version also fixes the Dropbox update prevention and the setup ui if you have enabled the scaling options of Windows. The setup will now increase in size if it is necessary to display all the controls on your screen.


*********************************************************** (31.10.2012):
-Settings to enable Dropbox update, it is not supported
-Option to use previously used Dropbox configuration file
+clearchache parameter to empty the Dropbox cache
#Dropbox update prevention
#Setup ui on different scaling modes

25 thoughts on “Update to v1.5.0.0

  1. Trojaner in Dropbox-Exe. Habe viel Freude an Dropbox-Portable. Aber in der neusten Version scheint irgendwie ein “Bloodhound”-Trojaner integriert zu sein laut Symantec Antivirus. Könntest du das Korrigieren und Bescheid sagen, wenn das Problem gelöst ist?



    • In DropboxPortableAHK ist keine Schadsoftware enthalten, also kann ich nichts an dem Problem ändern. Es hilft nur, die betroffene Datei an den Symantec Support zu schicken. Dieser wird die Datei dann manuell kontrollieren und beim nächsten Update ihrer Software wird DropboxPortableAHK dann nicht mehr als Trojaner erkannt.

  2. Thanks for your work. Your Dropbox implementation is awesome!!!. One question: How or where do I use “-clearcache” parameter?
    Thanks again.

  3. Thank you as well – this continues to be an integral part of making sure I have data securely backed up online no matter where I am and synced up at home.

    • As I said above, either supply it on the command line (you will probably not do want to do this on every start) or create a shortcut to DropboxPortableAHK.exe, edit it’s properties and put “-clearcache” after the ‘”‘ in the “target” property.

  4. Dear Nick,

    One more question, when dropbox is synchronized in “dropbox folder” i can see activity icons/processing symbols in case of installed programs but for portable apps i don’t see any activity icons. Please reply to this query.

  5. Hi Nick,
    I use two step verification for my Dropbox account, so when I reach setup for DropboxAHK, I am being told to update my Dropbox. Anyway to solve this?

    Regards, Claus

  6. Seit 2-3 Tagen tritt sporadisch wieder das Dropbox-will-sich-aktualisieren Problem auf. Nach einem Dropbox Neustart ist es für ein paar Stunden weg, dann kommt der sich drehende Kreis wieder 🙂

    (DropboxAHK mit Dropbox 1.1.45)

    • Dropbox verteilt wohl gerade wieder Updates. Ich habe das Update noch nicht bekommen, werde es die Tage fixen. Nach ~15 Minuten sollte das Update allerdings abgebrochen werden und wieder der Synchronisierungsstatus angezeigt werden.
      Während des Updates werden die Daten weiter synchronisiert, ist also nicht wirklich ein Problem.

  7. “You can’t choose whether to update Dropbox or not, because there will probably be nothing to update anymore”

    Maybe I am misreading this. Are you saying you are stopping with the development of this wondeful tool?

  8. Hi Nick,

    Thanks making portable dropbox, and even more so, your sustained and continued attention and responses to support messages, even though many of them are already answered in the docs. Your generosity is commendable and appreciated.

    One day you’ll decide you need to direct that energy to a more important cause elsewhere, and that’s okay. We’ll be sad for awhile, but that’s okay too. 🙂



    • Hi Matt,
      sure, this day will probably come somewhere in the future. But for now, I have updated the application again.

      Hope you had a good start in the new year 😉

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