Update to v1.5.1.0

Just a quick update to fix the automatic update of Dropbox to version 1.6.11.

*********************************************************** (02.01.2013):
#Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.11

13 thoughts on “Update to v1.5.1.0

    • Send the file to the Norton Support, they can inspect it manually and will probably fix the issue with their next signature update. There is no malicious code contained in my applications.

    • If the upgrade protection does not work completely (so the upgrade process is started) it will take around 15 minutes to complete or to abort. During this time your files are still being synced, only the progress is not reported on the tray icon.
      Everything is ok as long as the upgrade does not go through.

  1. Since the most recent update, Dropbox no longer connects. It sits on both Dropbox icons for a long time, then the H icon disappears, and the Dropbox icon sits on ‘Connecting’, but never actually connects. This is a real shame, as DropboxPortableAHK was a wonderful program when it worked, and had that rare quality of no fuss, it just works… sadly not any more!

    • After waiting a VERY long time, it finally connected… but then got stuck downloading a single 30kb file and uploading 10kb, on a 20Mb broadband connection, for about 4 minutes now. Before the update it would have been basically instantaneous.

      What has changed to make DBPortable so unusable all of a sudden?

    • Looks like a Dropbox server problem to me. Nothing was changed in DropboxPortableAHK that could affect this – in fact, nothing DropboxPortableAHK does can affect the connection, it is completely done by Dropbox itself.
      Maybe the Dropbox server your instance connected to is under heavy load or has some issues. Everything should be back to normal the next days.

  2. Hi Nick,

    after updating, the trayicon is first saying “Checking: http:/www.dropbox.com”, the it says shortly “trying server 1” (or something similiar) and then it falls into a kind of frozen status saying “DropboxPortableHK: registry is blocked, waiting for other dbpahk instance finish starting up: 1″. if i then doubleclick on the tray-icon the program terminates. I checked alread running processes bur I can’t find any 2nd dbpahk process.

    what can i do”?

    Thanks upfront, Andreas

    • Hi Andreas,
      it looks like a previous DropboxPortableAHK instance was killed prior to it’s cleanup code. Please delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DropboxPortableAHK from your computer’s registry, that will clean up the blocking stage.

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