9 thoughts on “Update to v1.5.10.0

  1. This program has much potential! However it is not functioning fully for me. I use it at the university where all settings and files are stored on a network drive. Your program sets the path right, but dropbox says it cannot write to the path since it is a network drive. Maybe that can be fixed in the future, thanks!

    • I can’t do anything about this. On some network drive Dropbox works, whereas it doesn’t on others.
      Officially, they are not supported by Dropbox at all.

  2. Your app work really well but today it failed.

    I changed my account to be more secure enabling two-step auth with the Google Authenticator app. Automatically dropbox disconected my DropboxAHK app because I have to log in again.

    Dropbox data is not up to day and break if your try to add an account that needs two-step auth saying that you have to download the latest version from dropbox.com/download

    I disabled my two step auth until It could be fixed… I you could, of course.

    Congrats for your great app.

    • Unfortunately, this can not be fixed by me. You can, however, enable the two step authentication again after setting up DropboxPortableAHK. This worked just fine during my tests.

  3. So, I think it is awesome that you are continuing to develop this and release new updates. I upgraded my thumbdrive to your latest version (my changelog.txt now has at the top), but for some reason, my dropbox application “inside” of portableAHK is rather antiquated (version 1.1.45), compared to the latest stable (2.0.8).

    Is there a way to fix this (without setting up the whole thing again which takes too log), because dropbox is running real slow and hanging the computer.

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