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  1. Hi!
    After successful installation, file downloading and indexing I run the USB flash again and I’m getting a notice “No Dropbox path was found in the Dropbox database”. I have to reinstall Dropbox then. I have large Dropbox database on my USB flash (~6 GB) maybe due to cheap Chinese USB flash or is it a program’s fault?
    Thank you!

    • Did Dropbox update itself during the described behavior? Then, it encrypted the database and the Dropbox path is not readable anymore.
      Do you still have this issue? Try to exit all Dropbox instances, start DropboxPortableAHK, wait until Dropbox has started and starts syncing (or says everything is uptodate), then exit Dropbox. Wait a few seconds and start DropboxPortableAHK again. This should work fine. If it doesn’t send me your debug files through the support page.

  2. First, I love this software. My DropboxPortableAHK folder and setup sit on a network drive in the building. Strange behavior I’ve noticed lately. Every time I run this the dropbox setup prompt pops up and I have to go through the motions. Not sure why.

    • In the bottomleft corner of the setup, there will be displayed the reason for the started setup.
      If nothing is there, then DropboxPortableAHK thinks it is your first start. This probably means that your configuration gets overwritten or deleted somehow.
      Please send me your debug files through the support page.

  3. Zuerst muss ich sagen die Software ist wirklich super. Nur das Verhalten von Dropbox selber – und schon wieder ein Update – nervt so langsam. Kann man diese Updaten nicht direkt über die Software stoppen – oder gibt es eine andere Möglichkeit?

  4. so are they watching your versions and updating to give you headaches? they’re on version .16 now, changing like every other day. are you going to roll out another quick update? the constant “upgrading dropbox” is a bit annoying, but thanks again for explaining what’s actually happening, that it’s just going for 15 mins and still syncing in the background.

    by the way, sometimes it actually does succeed in upgrading. i did have my ahk portable version upgrade the other day. it told me to reinstall the supported dropbox files. most of the time, it doesn’t, but occasionally it slips by.

    ok, thanks again for the support.

  5. Yes they check regularly for updates during the Dropbox startup (although I don’t know why they don’t do it on every start, just every now and then on my machines). So, I have to update the application for every new version they throw out..

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