23 thoughts on “Update to v1.5.5.0

  1. Hi! Is it possible to modify the color of one instance after its setup? Thanks a lot for making DropboxPortableAHK!

  2. Hello,
    I posed earlier about a issue regarding failed download. seems like i solved it by turning of bitdefender.
    But now when i start DPahk nothing happens.
    i click it it appears near the clock and when go with the cursor on it it disappears..
    can you help me sorting this out?

  3. Nick: let me say many, many thanks for your SUPER+GREAT WORK, you are spending so much time for this …the only way till now to stay ‘portable’ with my Dropbox…

    • You are welcome. In fact I am working on a few improvements currently to make it possible to get your Dropbox up and running again without going through the setup steps and initial indexing after Dropbox managed to update itself.

  4. Hey mate,

    I have been trying to install the portable drop box, but when I am downloading the drop box files, it gives an error saying “MD5 check sum invalid, download failed” or something like that, something to do with the MD5 check sum. Could you please help me out?



  5. Many thanks for all your great effort. I downloaded your latest version and want to run this app on my work computer since I don’t have admin right to properly install one. I scan it with multiple antivirus because to make sure I don’t mess up the computer which belongs to the company. However several counts of Trojan.Generic.KD.845717 were found. Is it safe to use?

  6. My dropbox (the actual one) keeps getting stuck on “Upgrading Dropbox…” Is this expected, or can I do anything about it?

  7. Hi, having some major issues, I did used to have it working brilliantly, but a week or so ago it completely stopped working. It appears as though there’s some serious clashes with the standard Dropbox, and after following the recommended setup for Dropbox at the end of the DropboxPortableAHK installation, I get a bizarre error saying that it can’t delete the folder I’ve told it to make for my files to go into.

    Like I said, it used to work, but now I can’t get it to work after about 20 attempts =/ I’m on Windows 8, but I’ve been using it for ages – I actually first installed DropboxPortableAHK *after* I installed Windows 8 with zero issues…

    Any suggestions? I’d really be grateful, as otherwise this is one of the most useful bits of software I’ve ever used!

  8. Scratch my last; I’ve fiddled with the locations a bit and double checked my actual method, it still came up with the error at the end of the installation, but it appears to actually be working now! (All I had to do was delete the Dropbox folder myself – perhaps there’s a permissions issue?) Back to normal now. Again, thanks for sharing this, it’s a terrific bit of software!

    • Great you figured a way to get it working again 🙂 Sometimes there are still files opened by other processes, that’s why folders can not be removed in all cases.

  9. Thanks for this great little app! works great, but i have a problem, dropbox keeps upgrading to 1.6.17 can you make an update for that?

    thank you!

  10. Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic program. I can’t understand why dropbox fix this an own solution.

    And I’m also receiving the update-notification, but it seems like the dropbox keep syncing even if it tries to update?

    Anyway, thanks in advance for the coming update(s)!

    • Yes, your files are still being synced in the background, you just loose the progress indication of the tray icon.
      An update will come tonight or tomorrow that will block the update again.

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