Update to v1.5.7.0

Quick update to block Dropbox updates to v2.1.6 and v2.1.7.
If you are receiving the Dropbox update to stable version v2.0.2 or v2.0.4, please contact me through the contact page, because I did not receive any of these updates.

Furthermore, I recommend to opt-out of receiving beta updates by going to the and unchecking the “Include me on early releases” checkbox under “Account preferences”.

13 thoughts on “Update to v1.5.7.0

  1. Thanks for update! One question though: could you incorporate some kind of detection mechanism to automatically block future updates? I’m not aware of the details, but you can speak gibberish (IT/developers stuff) to me 🙂

    • If I knew how, I would have done it long time ago, already 🙂
      The only thing I can think of is monitoring the downloaded files and check if they match a certain pattern. However, I don’t know how to define this pattern so it matches future versions.
      I have a backup of some of the past updates and will try to find a similarity between them, but I have never done something like this before, so I don’t know how it turns out.

    • OK, and, what do you do, when you “block” the upgrade? You just delete installation files or what?

      By the way, there’s another upgrade 🙂

    • Dropbox downloads the updates in 4 MB chunks, which are named differently for each update version. These files will be placed in your Dropbox\.dropbox.cache folder.
      To block the update, I create the files in there by myself and don’t give other applications the right to alter them while DropboxPortableAHK is running.

      I already got the update, will push the fix in the next minutes. Also, it would be great if you could note the version it updated to in the future, so I can check if I got the correct update.

    • Well, I guess that would be hard to filter, since that folder is probably used for synchronization of user files as well.

      You could in theory monitor network traffic to see if update is being downloaded, if the traffic itself isn’t encrypted.

      And sorry, I don’t wait until upgrade is complete – I just quit Dropbox and start DropboxPortableAHK again. And if Dropbox tries to upgrade again, it gives up after I restart it again, and again… 🙂

    • Monitoring the network traffic might be more difficult then just checking the folder. I am working on a way to detect the update somehow, but it is quite difficult, because I have never done something like this before.
      If you have some ideas or even working code, feel free to share 😉

    • I guess you’ll have to analyze contents of the files that contain update. If they’re encrypted, then unfortunately you’re out of luck 🙁

  2. Hello, it is a great application. I use it to have several accounts at the same time. One more sugestion: is it possibil for the tooltip to show not only the version of the program and that all file are up toi date, but also the name of the dropbox root folder, for example, dropbox-user1, or dropbox-user2, or implicitly dropbox?

    • No, that is controlled entirely by Dropbox and can not be changed easily. However, you can change the color of the icon to give you an indication about which account belongs to which icon.

    • Sure, it is possible. It should be even quite easy. However, since Dropbox changes it’s tooltip all the time, DropboxPortableAHK would need to change it every time it was changed by Dropbox. There is no callback for such thing as far as I know and it would be very resource heavy to do it every few milliseconds.

    • I think there are some kind of hooks, that you can put on specific functions (for specific process, of course). I used something similar, when I wanted to hook into D3D application (a game), to retrieve screenshot and draw something on the screen.

      That way you get the “callback” – if Dropbox calls function, which updates tray icon, then you get notified about that.

    • I don’t think there is something like that for the tray icon’s tooltip. The tray itself is not very good documented.
      However, if you come up with something, just tell me how to do it.

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