Update to v1.6.5

After a long time without updates, I am proud to announce a new one.

I sligthly changed the SyncAndGo behavior because of a request by an user. If you have enabled SyncAndGo by default in your settings, holding down the Ctrl key or passing the “-syncAndGo” command line parameter when starting DropboxPortableAHK will now disable SyncAndGo for that run.

The Internet connection check now uses the update servers instead of fixed URLs in order to make sure that information about updates can be downloaded.

Also, this release prevents Dropbox updates to v2.4.3.

20 thoughts on “Update to v1.6.5

  1. many thanks for all your effort and work with this portable version! I can’t live without it no more in my daily ‘portable’ life!

  2. I can’t upgrade. Whenever i try to upgrade dropbox after this when i check the version it always shows version 1.1.45.
    Any idea why this is happening?

  3. I don’t get it. It says that after version 1.1.45 DropboxPortableAHK can not change the path of the Dropbox folder to a custom location and i don’t use custom location. I use the default location but i still can’t upgrade.

  4. Great effort. I’ve started using the tool since a week or so and I love it. I work from a lot of different places and it keeps my work up to date everywhere. Donated!

  5. Thanks, Nick! Version 1.1.45 seems to be holding fast against auto-upgrades after a few days of use. I wish Dropbox would support multiple accounts on the same machine, but this is the next best thing in the meantime.

  6. After this upgrade, DropboxAHK always says it can’t connect to internet. I am using a proxy with authentication, and was working before. As I see that there are some changes regarding to these, I would like to know what are the new URLs to check if my proxy is blocking them.

    Thanks for this software!

  7. Thanks for the update, though I am having trouble installing it properly. The setup runs all the way through to the last page and then says “No Dropbox path was found in the Dropbox database”. I’m running this off a thumbdrive on a friend’s computer as my computer is non-operational at the moment. Could it be trying to find a non-existent profile based on my friend’s computer rather than setting it up with mine? If so, is there a workaround for the problem?

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