Update to v1.6.6

As last version for the current year, here is DropboxPortableAHK v1.6.6.

This will block the latest Dropbox updates to 2.4.10 and provides an option to not wait infinitely for an Internet connection, if none could be established. This option can not be set in the configuration screen at the moment, you will have to set “skipInternetConnectionError=1” in your .dbfiles\config.ini manually.

Make sure to run DropboxPortableAHK on a computer where it can connect to the update servers every once in a while, though, to receive updates.

12 thoughts on “Update to v1.6.6

    • Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, it took me so long to release an update, I hope to provide more frequent updates next year. Have a nice New Year as well 🙂

  1. Thanks for the ongoing work on this. I am getting an error on the latest version though which may be something to do with the changelog entry. Says “rewrite: 0 to settings skipInternetConnectionError” when I roll over the systray icon.

  2. Nick, today it started to “try” to update to Dropbox vers.2.4.11… because i became afraid of an messing-up-my-AHKportable i stopped AHK from download the updates. Will your AHK-portable vers.1.6.6. protect well this upgrade to DropBox2.4.11? And can and/or should i delete manually all the downloaded (update)Files that are greater than ‘0’-Byte ?
    Thanks for all your efforts – chris

    • In general, every Dropbox update gets blocked using a general approach.
      However, there is an additional protection mechanism that needs to be enhanced for every new version. Currently, 2.4.11 is not included here, but I am already on it and will release an update today 🙂

  3. …and as i notice now, there is as well the NEWEST-stable-build of DropBox, now called vers.2.6.2.
    I cannot live without your “portable version”, so please can you have a look to this? -chris

  4. Today, I find my DropboxPortableAHK can not sync my files with a notice: “Can’t establish secuse connection”. I run Version now.

    Please help me!


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