2 thoughts on “Update to v1.6.8

  1. Quick question, since Dropbox 2.6.x began supporting simultaneous operation for two Dropbox instances (1 business and 1 personal) have you dug in to the code at all to see:
    1) what verification it uses to distinguish that one is in fact a business account and
    2) what prevents more than two accounts?

    Not even sure if that is possible, but given the remarkable work you have been doing with AHK for so long I thought I’d ask.

    • Hi,
      sorry for my late reply, I was quite busy during the last days.
      I did not check the code of Dropbox at all regarding these questions. As the multiple accounts are only possible with a business account, I assume Dropbox checks on startup if your linked account is in fact a business account (they obviously know that on the server) and if it is, they allow one additional personal Dropbox folder. I am quite sure the second Dropbox folder is hardcoded in the code, so it will not be possible to have more than two accounts this way.

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