Google Reader – LinkButtonMover

The LinkButtonMover for Google Reader will move the button that allows you to visit the URL of the entry to the left side, next to the star button:





This allows you to easily open the corresponded URL that is linked to the item in your reading list. I often found it hard to click a bunch of links when the button was on the right side of the screen, because I like to read the title of the entry and click the correct button without looking to the right of my screen and losing focus.

How to install?

In order to use so called UserScripts your browser needs to support them. Google Chrome and Opera do that natively, for Firefox you need GreaseMonkey. There are a few attempts to make UserScripts available for Internet Explorer, many say Trixie is the one to go.

After you have enabled the support in your browser − or you did not have to − just install the UserScript and everything should work. Now, the website the script is working with − in this case Google Reader − needs to be refreshed.

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